Crispi Shiver NTN Boots - Mens

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After years of development and testing the long awaited NTN system is here and by all accounts it has been worth the wait. Working together with Rottefella, Crispi was the first to create a four buckle boot for Rottefella new system. Skiers no longer have to make the choice between AT or Tele, now they can have both and with vastly improved performance. The Crispi Shiver LS Boot borrows several key innovations from Crispi’s acclaimed XR, such as the heat moldable (lightest in the industry) liner, and the use of carbon fiber that wraps around the instep and up to the ankle bilaterally for unbelievable power transfer and stability. The Shiver delivers a softer, smoother flex than the XR in response to the new NTN system, which allows for personalized flex adjustment in the binding which has been working great. The Shiver's softer flex will be a welcome feature when out of the binding climbing , particularly when you release the walk-mode lever at the back of the boot. Crispi has further enhanced the softer flex by improving the dual injected flex-zone material in the toe. Fully crampon compatible, the White-Colored Shiver has gained a loyal following among the hardcore and knowledgeable elite. They do need a few days of break-in so be prepared for that but after that they promise to ski like a dream and take you places you never knew existed! Get out and ski!!! NEW! From the Hermits Hut Staff. With Extensive and intensive testing in the Sierra Nevada we challenge ourselves to think outside of the box, and this is what we came up with. All NTN boots meet Alpine Touring standard dimensions so why couldn’t you use them in all standard Alpine Touring bindings- our resounding answer is YES YOU CAN! Not only do you get the benefits of a lighter boot, better stride, and overall less fatigue from all NTN boots we tested, you also get a resort Alpine or Tele setup at the same time. We will be the first to admit that the Alpine stance is a little different with NTN boots, but this doesn’t mean you can’t ski aggressive and still enjoy all the backcountry; or just the walking benefits of a flexible bellow.