G3 Targa T/9 Telemark Bindings

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  • The TARGA T/9 is the latest version of the G3 TARGA High Performance Telemark Binding designed to take telemark skiing to a new level. The new quad-riveted aerospace alloy toe plates and heel tubes are both lighter and stronger than the regular TARGA, giving all the performance features of a TARGA at a lighter weight. The innovative use of aerospace alloy makes the T/9 toe plates the lightest and strongest available. The TARGA T/9 is the ultimate in telemark binding technology.
  • Aerospace alloy body Using advanced engineering such as Finite Element Modeling and high-end CAD/CAM systems, we've created a higher standard in telemark binding technology. The new ultra high performance TARGA T/9 uses aluminum and stainless steel to save you weight without sacrificing durability. In fact, it's stronger yet lighter than the stainless TARGA.
  • High performance boot fit No expense was spared in developing the precision tools required to manufacture the TARGA's toe-plate to exacting tolerances. This precise toe-plate geometry, combined with the smooth, featureless top surface of the anti-ice plate, results in an unparalleled fit between your boot and the TARGA binding. Energy transfer is thus maximized giving you the control and performance we've all been waiting for.
  • Serviceable design The G3 TARGA binding was designed from scratch to be simple, durable, and user friendly. The modular design ensures that back-country repair of all parts can be performed easily with minimal tools and grief. We even went as far as including spare parts in the shim!