K2 Ikonic 80TI Ski

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The K2 iKonic 80Ti is designed to be skied by the advanced to expert skier looking to spend most of their time on the groomers and hit the ungroomed terrain from time to time. K2's new Konic Technology reduces the weight of the ski and improves the maneuverability by redistributing the weight from the center and moving it to the outside edges. The wood core has the lightweight Aspen at the center and a heavier, more powerful Fir over the edge then a thin layer of titanal is added on top to stiffen up the ride. The iKonic 80Ti has Hybritech Sidewalls that have a slight Cap Construction in the tips and tails and a Vertical Sidewall on the majority of the ski to provide a firm edge hold and beef up its torsional strength. The All Terrain Rocker has rocker in the tip to keep you on top of the fresh stuff and initiate turns effortlessly on the groomers. Camber underfoot gives you edge hold and rebound. Rocker in the tail releases you from turns with less effort and improves your bump skiing ability. If you want a ski that will roll through turns on the groomers, be stable at speed and easy to maneuver, the K2 iKonic 80Ti will impress you.