MSR Reactor Stove System

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Stove System Options
Complete Reactor Stove Systems are now available in three sizes: NEW - 1.0L System: For trips with 1-2 people, or anywhere weight and space are at a premium. 1.7L System: All-around performer with the capacity to boil water and melt snow fast for two or more. 2.5L System: Boils enough for five freeze dried meals at once, or make it an expedition snow-melting powerhouse for 2-3 people. All Systems Include: Reactor Pot and Stove, BPA-Free Strainer Lid, PackTowl® Pot Protector, and folding/locking handle *For best results with canister fuel, always burn MSR® IsoPro fuel canisters. Stove Made in USA, Pot Made in Thailand