Subculture Wide

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This extra-wide Subculture extends the potential for leverage and control to even more boot sizes. The K2 team has added a Precision Lifted Baseline™ to a fast and powerful 4000 Sintered base to achieve an active camber feel wherever your mountain musings take you. A carbon-boosted Ollie Bar™ in the Subculture’s midsection packs the pop you need to go from park to peak, so take your big ideas and run with them – the K2 Subculture is far from sub-par.
  • Features: Precision Lifted Baseline™, Ollie Bar™, Sintered 4000, True Twin Outline, Setback Stance - 3/4" (19mm), 250mm Waist Width (156cm)
  • Size: 159W, 162W, 166W