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The Super Light is a 0° F (approximately -20 degrees C) rated mummy style bag. It is available in four sizes (width measured in the torso):
  • 31" wide x 80" long (Regular/Regular) [4 lbs.]
  • 34" wide x 80" long (Regular/Wide) [4.5 lbs.]
  • 31" wide x 90" long (Long/Regular) [4.5 lbs.]
  • 34" wide x 90" long (Long/Wide) [5 lbs.]
When the Overbag is added to the Super Light, the temperature rating becomes -40° (F or C). When both bags are combined you have the Super Light FTRSS. The Super Light sleeping bag has proven to be our most popular bag, both with the Armed Forces and civilian markets. When combined in the FTRSS, the Super Light is one of the greatest choices for a true four season sleeping bag! Your Wiggy's bag is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens, the zipper breaks or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, clumping in one place or another), Wiggy’s will repair or replace your bag at no charge to you.