Yates Tactical Escape Kit

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Designed by Special Operations personnel. Used to aid in egress from multi-story buildings in situations where soldiers are pinned down in the building with no rear exit. Rappel line can be secured to an object in the room or roof top location and positioned to run down the side of the building. System can also be used to lower injured personnel to the ground from height. Includes 75 feet of lightweight hybrid 6.6 mm rope. Hybrid rope is constructed of a blend of Kevlar and polyester. Kevlar is used in the sheath construction to give exceptional cut resistance. Utilizes a micro figure eight descent device and the addition of a unique carabiner configured to allow for increased friction if needed. 6.6 mm hybrid escape line strength 3200 lbf. (14kN). Packaged in a mesh bag which is secured in a MOLLE compatible pouch. • Digital foliage green color Army/Marines version • Terra/coyote color pouch with unique quick release system to be worn on belt (Seal version)
Products specifications
Available Colors Digital Foliage Green, Terra/Coyote
Origin Made in USA