Western Mountaineering

Hermit’s Hut offers the best selection of standard and below freezing Western Mountain Sleeping Bags. Western Mountaineering makes top of the line sleeping bags for every outdoor condition. From a weekend getaway to below freezing conditions, a Western Mountaineering, Sleeping Bag is the best sleeping bag on the market.

We offer sleeping bags from Western Mountaineering that can keep you warm even in conditions as low as -50 degrees. Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bags are known the world over as the best sleeping bag for the hobbyist and extreme outdoors-man. These bags are made in the U.S.A ,right in our own back yard in San Jose California, and we are offering a one of a kind service to all our Western mountaineering customers and that is that Bob ,the owner of the Hermits Hut for over 44 years is going to pay ,out of his pocket, for free overfill on most of the Western Mountaineering line of sleeping bags (up to a 73 $ value ) just for buying the bag from us!