Sewn Rope Bridge for Petzl Sequoia Harness

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Replacement Bridges for Arborist Harnesses

Nearly all of the newest arborist climbing harnesses use a rope or webbing bridge for the primary attachment point to the climbing line. These harnesses provide greater mobility while weighing in lighter than traditional arborist saddles, thanks to the lack of heavy hardware on the bridge. While these rope and webbing bridge harnesses have many advantages, the webbing bridges must be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary to ensure proper climbing safety.

This excerpt from Buckingham's product advisement for the Ergovation harness illustrates common issues for any rope or webbing suspension bridge harness:

Due to the rigorous strain the Rope Suspension Bridge endures, it should be replaced at the earliest signs of wear. Suspension bridge inspection is extremely important and must be performed prior to each use. This inspection should include but not be limited to: webbing and rope cuts, nicks, tears, kinks, abrasions, burns, excessive swelling, excessive wear, discoloration, cracks, charring, broken, fraying or unraveling fibers, loose stitching chemical or physical exposure. Failure to regularly inspect and replace the Rope Suspension Bridge could result in injury or death due to Suspension Bridge failure.   These sewn-rope bridges for the new Petzl Sequoia and Sequoia SRT harnesses are available in 3 lengths to fit your preferred bridge length.